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I’m sure that you’re trying your best to stay on top of the COVID-19 situation so you can make the best health and safety decisions for your team and daily workflow/load.

It’s a complex matter … and it made me thinking hard, how, as business structures, we need to ever evolve and adapt to modern times.

More than ever – it seems that remote work and collaboration (finally..) is more encouraged or mandated at such a large scale across different teams, entire enterprises and countries.

For teams that hadn’t invested yet in this culture and management practices around remote work, now it likely feels like the momentum for a trial by fire (!!)

Ever, and certainly in times like these, traditional basic tools (email, spreadsheets, Slack, WhatsApp, MS Teams, Trello, …) will quickly run out of gas, why my believe is stronger than ever that modern organisations should adopt world’s best methods and platform for collaborative work – remote and otherwise.

It not only helps optimising as best your flows during current situations, but at same momentum already sculpture the perfect environment for the future !!

Tell me if I could help you making this switch.
Stay calm, stay healthy and stay efficiently connected.

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