“Take back your day, and .. your workweek.”

Hours are per person for a 5 day – 40 hour working week. 52 weeks per year.
Graph and calculations show aggregated data from all employees : team workers, project managers, and executives. Base for the calculations is the adoption of agile methods and performant management software (SaaS) which reduces the time spent on emailing by 30%, searching up-to-date info by 50%, reporting by 50%, requesting status updates by 70%, status and ad hoc meetings by 50%. Budget calculations are based on an annual bruto salary of €60,000 per person.

* total hours worked, a year = 2080 hours

* cost of one member, one year = €60K

* cost per member, per hour = €28.85

* hours saved, a year = 936 hours

* cost saved per member, per year = €27K