late 70’s to today

"There will be those businesses who prefer doing their flows the old way, but new and progressive companies which implemented performant 21st century methods and tools as a fundamental part of their business will be more efficient, innovative and nimble than laggards." For those who still are using bulky email-chains, outdated versions of spreadsheets and … Continue reading late 70’s to today

Agile Framework (Q&R)

Following current global situation - more than ever - we must adapt our business approaches and organization. Being at this historical turning point, we evaluate and update current installed processes within our structures so to prepare the most efficient and sustainable working pace for that "day after tomorrow". “Organizations that continue to use 19th Century workplace designs … Continue reading Agile Framework (Q&R)

Monetary, environmental and other benefits of Remote Teams

Telecommuting has become an obligated practice in these bizarre weeks provoked by the COVID-19 situation. And, correctly interpreting world's best medical scientists and specialists advices - we must accept that these weeks might become months ... So, more than ever, it seems that the remote working culture is here to stay. Apart of its instant organisation in the … Continue reading Monetary, environmental and other benefits of Remote Teams